The following terms and conditions outline what you can legally expect when you purchase our travel services, and in turn the commitment you are making by entering into a contract with us. ‘Our’, ‘The Company’, ‘Us’ and ‘We’ may all refer to GO-tours Limited (Company no. 10465406), while ‘Individual’, ‘Passenger’, ‘You’ and ‘Your’  may refer to any and every person named as part of any booking. The person making the booking is agreeing to all terms on behalf of themselves and each person within their booking party. Please read carefully, as when you make your booking you are thereby confirming you understand the conditions and terms we have set out, and agreeing to a contract which will be confirmed once payment has been received. This website is for informational use, and should any inaccuracies occur we reserve the right to make the necessary corrections. It is our intent that all our terms and conditions are as clear and accurate as possible.


1a) Bookings can be made via an agent or directly through our website, via telephone or by emailing us at

1b) Your booking will be confirmed once we have received payment, after which we will send you confirmation by e-mail. Your place on any tour can only be confirmed once we have received full payment.

1c) If a booking is made directly to us, then all communications will be made to the person making the booking, unless specified otherwise. If a booking is made via an agent, then all correspondence will be with that agent.

1d) All necessary and relevant information must be communicated to us when you make your booking. If you require any changes to be made after we have issued your booking confirmation, please contact us soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, however additional charges may be applied.

1e) To make a booking you must be at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to fulfil all terms and conditions. You are also responsible for providing accurate information regarding any other individual included in said booking.

1f) If you make a booking you are responsible for the communication of any relevant information to all individuals part of your booking party.

1g) We will always communicate with you via e-mail, and will assume that the e-mail you provide when you make your booking is correct. By making a booking you are confirming you understand this will be the method of communication and accept the associated risks with this method.

1h) We do not take any responsibility for any bookings and payments to third parties (i.e. accommodation providers) and you will will be subject to their separate to terms and conditions.

Changes to your booking by you

2a) If you need to make changes to your booking after you have received confirmation then you may incur charges. For minor alterations, such as changing a name, we may levy an administration fee of up to £25. Any significant changes to your booking, such as changing your departure date, will be subject to availability and we may levy an administration fee of up to £50.

2b) If a person is unable to fulfil their booking due to illness, bereavement or other such reasons (subject to our interpretation) then their booking can be transferred to another individual. For this we will require a minimum of seven days notice. If a refund and re-payment is required we will need a minimum of fourteen days notice. This may incur additional surcharges which we will communicate before payment is taken.

Changes to your booking by us

3a) In the unlikely event we are required to change any part of your scheduled booking as stated in your confirmation then we will do this at least four weeks prior to the departure date.

3b) Due to the flexible nature of our operations we may need to make changes to our communicated services. We reserve the right to make changes to our itinerary without notice if deemed in the best interest of the tour and all passengers.

3c) If there is part of your confirmation that is incorrect then we reserve the right to make the necessary alterations and will do this within fourteen days of the date on which it was issued.


4a) To book and secure our services you will be required to pay the specified amount in full. This includes the cost of all transport provided by us as detailed in the tour itinerary, the relevant services of your Tour Leader during that time and accommodation if specified.

4b) Prices stated on our website are up-to-date and accurate, but we reserve the right to make alterations. This may occur as a result of offers or unforeseen changes such as increased operational costs. You will be notified of any such changes before payment is taken and your booking is confirmed. Once your booking is confirmed the payable amount is fixed and will not be altered unless you require changes to be made.

4c) Any offers communicated by us via any of our official channels are subject to availability as well as the specified details, requirements and restrictions.

4d) Entrance fees to attractions, meals and any other extra costs are not included in the published tour price.

4e) If you would like us to arrange accommodation on your behalf, please communicate this requirement when you make your booking. Accommodation will be arranged to meet your requirements as closely as possible, subject to availability and the operating policies of accommodation suppliers.

Bespoke tour

5a) If you’d like to create a ‘bespoke’ tour please contact us at Prices will vary depending on your specific requirements.

5b) If the size of the group changes after we have confirmed your booking then we may alter the price to reflect this. Please note we reserve the right to charge a deposit for all bookings of this nature. This will be communicated before your booking is confirmed.

Special requests

6a) If you have a special requests please let us know when you make your booking. We will always do our best to accommodate your request, provided it is reasonable.

6b) If you require your special request to be a condition, we will only have accepted this if we write to confirm that your request can be fulfilled. Otherwise, your request can not be guaranteed and will not constitute a condition of your contract.

6c) If your special request involves a third party, such as an accommodation provider, then we will happily communicate the information on your behalf. Please note that we in no way guarantee that other providers will be able to fulfil your request. Please also be aware that any special requests of this nature may incur extra charges to be issued by the relevant provider.

Cancellation by you

7a) If you want to cancel your booking after we have issued confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible. A booking will only be deemed cancelled upon written receipt of this request.

7b) If you cancel your booking then the following charges will be incurred, shown as % of the overall price:

–  cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to departure date: administration charges

–  cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to departure date: 100%

7c) If you cancel a ‘Bespoke tour’ booking then the following charges will be incurred, shown as % of overall price:

–  cancelled within 2 weeks of confirmation: administration charges only

–  cancelled more than 8 weeks prior to departure date: 50%

–  cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to departure date: 100%

7d) If you choose to cancel your tour, then please be aware that you are liable to pay any costs to relevant third parties, such as accommodation providers. We will do our best to inform you of the relevant cancellation charges that this may incur at the time any such reservation is made.

7e) In the event that you miss the departure time of your booking, then that will be treated as cancellation by you, and you will not be entitled to a refund.

7f) Once the tour has started you may not cancel your booking in order to receive a refund, and you will be subject to the full cancellation charges.

7g) Any booking made through an agent may enable them to cancel. If this occurs we will endeavour to ensure that you are notified as soon as possible, but accept no responsibility to any costs this may incur.

Cancellation by us

8a) We will make every effort to ensure that all of our tours are operated as planned. Bookings will only be cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances regarding operational or safety related issues that are beyond our reasonable control.

8b) If we cancel your booking then we will do our best to provide an alternative tour date that matches your booking as closely as possible, at no additional cost. You will then have a choice between a replacement service or full refund.

8c) In the event that the minimum number of participants is not met and we have to cancel your tour, then we will contact you at least 4 weeks prior to the departure date. We will offer the best alternative available that matches your booking. If this does not satisfy your wishes then you will be entitled to a full refund.

8d) If your tour is cancelled then we will send you an invoice within 14 days.

8e) We reserve the right to refuse travel to any individual who may cause upset, offence or ill-health to any other passenger. In this event then the full cancellation charges will be incurred. We accept no liability to that individual or any other connected to their booking.

Our Liability

9a) We accept liability if any of the services described in your booking confirmation are not delivered to a reasonable or satisfactory standard (subject to these terms and conditions), once the tour has started. Should we or any of our connected providers be found to be negligible in our services then you may be entitled to compensation, which will be calculated based upon the circumstances of each case. It is your responsibility to show that either us or our connected suppliers have been negligent in the services we have committed to provide.

9b) If we are liable to pay compensation under the conditions described above in ‘9a’ then we will pay at maximum the total amount initially paid by the affected person(s), and any amount will only be paid if that individual or their party have received no benefit from our service. This limit does not apply to any claims relating to death, illness, injury or any other such issue that cannot be limited by law. In any such cases you must notify us of a potential claim as soon as possible. 9c) We will not accept any responsibility (and therefore not be liable to pay any compensation) for any claim, cost, damage, or loss that is caused by you, an unconnected third party or unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances out of the control of either us or our suppliers that could not have been prevented even with reasonable care.

9d) We accept no responsibility for events that could not have been predicted by us or our suppliers, or prevented by us even with reasonable care.

9e) You are protected under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992, to the extent that applies to your particular booking.

9f) If you require medical attention during your tour then we will do our best to assist you as much as possible, but assume no responsibility for your medical care while you travel with us. 9g) We will not accept liability for any arrangements made separately to us and our services. 9h) It is our intent that all of our tours will be operated as described to you, but if we are required to make changes to our services as a result of operational issues or circumstances beyond our control, we will not be liable to pay compensation. In the result that we are unable to deliver the services you have paid for then we will endeavour to provide alternative arrangements, at no extra cost. 9i) If it is not possible to make alternative arrangements for the scenario described above in ‘9h’, or these arrangements are unsatisfactory to you with good reason, then where appropriate we will arrange alternative transportation to an agreed location in order for you to leave the tour.

9j) If any unforeseen issues arise after the tour has begun, then we will endeavour to make the best possible alternative arrangements, with the final decision on such matters the responsibility of the Tour Leader.

9k) We will not issue any refunds for any unused services once the tour has begun.

9l) We will not issue any refund unless a significant portion of the services paid for are not supplied.

Exclusion of Liability

10a) Events beyond our control; Force Majeure.

10b) We do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or expense caused by our inability to fulfil our contractual obligations which have been caused by events beyond the control of us or our suppliers i.e. Force Majeure. Without limitation this may include; war (actual or threatened), terrorist activity (actual or threatened), civil unrest or riots, industrial action, severe weather conditions, natural disaster, nuclear disaster, traffic and road closures, any unforeseen changes to public or chartered transport, power failures, epidemics, outbreak of illness or any other similar event which could not be prevented by us even with reasonable care. We will not be liable should any of these or other similar events cause changes to our services; be it delays, enforced alternative arrangements or cancellation.

10c) In the event of Force Majeure, we will endeavour to offer you alternative arrangements, at no additional cost.

10d) All individuals who participate in our tours must be in good health. If you have any underlying health issues or disabilities then you must inform us when you are making your booking and we will advise you as to your suitability to use our services.  If you do not do this then we accept no responsibility for any inconvenience or cost thereafter.

10e) If we deem you potentially unsuitable to travel on health grounds then we may request a medical assessment. We also reserve the right to decline your booking, or request that you travel with someone who is able to provide the appropriate or required assistance.

10f) If you do not communicate any medical issues or disabilities before the tour departure we reserve the right to cancel your booking and levy the appropriate cancellation charges.

10g) We will not accept responsibility for any individual that fails to abide by the laws and customs of our country.

Your Obligation

11a) During the tour your Tour Leader is in charge and all passengers are obligated to comply with any reasonable decisions they make. Should any individual fail to co-operate, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, and you will incur the full cancellation charges.

11b) During the tour you must comply will all laws and customs of our country. If we find that you do not comply to this then we reserve the right to cancel your booking without a refund.

11c) Neither you or any member of your booking will be able to continue the tour if your behaviour is disruptive or hazardous and affects other passengers. In this situation your booking will be treated as cancelled and will incur the full cancellation charges.

11d) If we cancel your booking due to you being under the influence of alcohol or drugs we may make a claim against you for costs for any alternative arrangements we are required to make. 11e) We accept no responsibility for extra costs incurred due to your inability or choice not to complete the tour.


12a) Please note that our relationship with any third party or service provider should not be interpreted as endorsement and we receive no financial benefit from any of relationships of this kind.


13a) Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bookings for children under the age of 10. For children over 10, prices may vary. Please contact us if you require any further information.


14a) We require everyone that books a tour has adequate travel insurance that covers the period of your travel with us, and includes the appropriate cover such as medical care, personal loss and damage, and cancellation cover. If you suffer from any medical conditions you must make this clear to your insurer.

14b) When you make a booking you agree to waive us of all responsibility of any claims by third parties against you due to your actions that have resulted in accident or damages or other such issues during the period of your travel with us.

14c) Should you make a claim against us you are agreeing to waive rights to us to take the appropriate actions against any third parties to whom your claim relates.


15a) Due to vehicle weight limits and restricted luggage space, passengers are each permitted to bring pieces of luggage, including one suitcase with a maximum weight of 20 kilos, and one carryon item, such as a backpack. We reserve the right to refuse to carry luggage that does not meet these descriptions. Please note, you are responsible for your luggage and it is carried at your own risk.

Personal Documents

16a) Please ensure that you check all documents we send you carefully, and if anything appears to be incorrect then contact us as soon as possible. If we do not receive notice of any errors within 14 days of your receipt of those documents, then we will not accept any liability, and it will be your responsibility to meet any costs incurred as a result. We will only accept responsibility if the error is made solely by us and there is a valid reason for you not communicating it within the 14 day period.

16b) You are responsible for ensuring that your relevant documents are up to date and correct. We will not be liable for compensation if you or any member of your party is unable to proceed with your arrangements with us due to an issue relating to your personal documents.


17a) Smoking is not permitted on our vehicles under any circumstances.


18a) If you have any feedback about our services or those provided by connected suppliers then please contact us at If you have a complaint during your tour then please make the Tour Leader aware as soon as possible and they will do their best to resolve the situation.

18b) If you decide to make a complaint once the tour is over, please note, we may be unable to consider your complaint if it occurs during your tour and you do not make your Tour Leader aware of the situation.

18c) If your complaint is not resolved during your travel with us, then please contact us within 21 days of your return date from the tour. If you contact us after this then we may not be able to properly investigate the nature of your complaint sufficiently, and will therefore affect your rights as detailed in these terms and conditions.

Data Protection

19a) When making a booking we will require some of your personal information such as name, address, contact details, bank details, special requirements, health issues etc, and those of all individuals part of the booking. You therefore consent to us processing information about you and all individuals within your booking and are responsible for making those individuals aware that you are disclosing this information to us. We will use this information in the necessary processes of your travel with us, and may be required to pass it on to our connected suppliers, such as accommodation providers.

19b) We may use this information to contact you in the future regarding our travel services, be it a request for feedback or to communicate our products. Under no circumstances will we ever pass any personal information to any third party that is not directly involved in the service we are providing.

19c) By booking your tour you are agreeing that we have permission to use your personal information in the ways described above. If you do not agree to these conditions then we will not be able to accept your booking.

19d) You may request a copy of the information we will hold. If so you should contact us at Please not this may incur administration charges.


20a) If any part of these terms and conditions if found not to be legal or enforceable, we reserve the right to change them in order to communicate the intended message within the permit of the law.

20b) In the result of any inaccuracies as described above in ‘21a’, the legality and enforceability of all other terms and conditions will not be affected.

20c) No employee of the company has the authority to vary these terms and conditions or any information on this website.

20d) This contract is subject to English law and you agree to adhere to the jurisdiction of the courts of England over any claim or matter that arises in connection with your contract with us.


GO-tours Limited, company number: 10465406

Registered office: 80 Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM27PJ.