At GO-tours we are committed operating sustainable tours and minimising our impact on the environment. By operating small-group tours we are taking cars off the road, but we also realise that our use of vehicles produces harmful greenhouse gases that have a negative impact on our planet. We therefore pledge to ‘GO-Green’ and offset our carbon emissions.

To help us operate sustainable tours, we’ve teamed up with The Down to Earth Foundation, a community run charity in Cornwall that promotes sustainable living. For every tour that we operate we will make a donation to the foundation, and that money will go directly towards funding tree planting projects.

The Foundation is part of the Mount Pleasant Ecological Park, set in a UNESCO designated area of outstanding natural beauty in North Cornwall. The park was established 10 years ago on disused farmland and has been transformed into a centre of sustainability; used for local events, as a venue for local businesses and as an education centre.

We are a small educational, non-profit organisation that seeks to bring our vision of sustainable living ‘down to earth’ in realistic, artistic and practical ways…We offer sustainable ‘Living Education’ projects, workshops, school camps and volunteer programmes, which highlight our independence and connection with the natural environment.” DTEF

For every tour we operate we will calculate our vehicles’ carbon footprint and will donate the required amount needed to offset those emissions. This money will go directly to The Down to Earth Foundation and will fund tree planting in one of Cornwall’s most beautiful areas. If you choose to travel with us you are choosing a ‘green’ option and travelling on sustainable tours that causes minimal harm to our planet.

For more information about The Down to Earth Foundation, visit: